Renewable Electricity From Traffic

Vehicle Energy Harvesting System is a portable power-station that uses traffic pressure from vehicles to generate renewable electricity.

VEHS transforms roads into the world’s biggest artificial energy source. We install a specially designed overlay on an existing road which extracts traffic pressure, and feeds it to the traffic turbine which then rotates and generates electricity. Our internationally patented system converts traffic pressure to electricity in only four (4) steps compared to the millions of steps in traditional power systems. We built a successful prototype at our offices. We will be piloting the system from March 2018.

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We produce no waste; we don’t produce any greenhouse gas emissions (hence don’t contribute to global warming); we use a close circuit system (the liquid used stays in the system & drives the system whereas coal uses a lot of water).

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We use, relatively no water; our system doesn’t require transmission lines (production facility is central to distribution locations).

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Improving the lives of poor communities is the center of our business, we just happen to own a great technology innovation with which to do so. Our vision is to use our technology to improve the lives of poor communities through their participation in our entire value-chain.

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  • Reduces the cost of electricity.
  • No coal and no GHG Emissions.
  • Closed system, uses no water.
  • Uses traffic to generate electricity.

Our system uses a four step process:

  1. Pressure spikes are extracted from the vehicles.
  2. Pressure spikes creates reciprocation of the hydraulic cylinder.
  3. Reciprocation of the cylinder creates rotation of the central shaft.
  4. Central shaft drives a generator and generates electricity.

The following segments are who we are targeting.

  1. SA Municipalities
    1. Local
    2. Metro
    3. District
  2. Mining Houses
  3. Industrial Companies
    1. Smelters
    2. Energy Intensive User Group (EIUG)
  4. Neighboring Countries
    1. Lesotho
    2. Swaziland

Here are some other contributing factors to our system being the best there is:

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Ease of Installation
  3. Easy to Maintain
  4. Output/100m (kW) : 820


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